Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Alright we moved! And what a chore! My fantasy world of moving into our first home was similar to the fantasy of having children. In dreamland babies don't cry, poop or burp up on every piece of clothing you own. Same thing with home ownership... putting in flooring, painting and contact paper laying are not interrupted by small details like, "where's the soap?" "who packed the whipies?" "do we have ANY clean clothes?" "bottles! Grayson needs a bottle, where are they?"

On the other side look at our new floor going in!

Justin, Joel and Manuel got that floor in there! It looks SO nice. My mom and Manuel came through on their way from AZ and we TOTALLY appreciated all their help! Manuel helped with the floor and the laundry hookups. My mom unpacked and cleaned!

Justin had to eventually set up the table saw as the pool chairs didn't quite cut it:)

Look how pretty! It didn't go in SUPER fast, but it wasn't that slow either. Easy or hard... I don't know I didn't do it, but Justin doesn't seem to have a problem doing to hall tomorrow. Tools we needed; table saw, glue for the last piece and trims. Not so hard.

Here's Mom and Manuel probably making mental notes not to stay over night next trip:) I think the flooring lasted until 11:30pm. Then they brought their own sleeping accessories and slept on the floor! What troopers! Thanks SO much Mom and Manuel!

This is Kristen (married to Joel) She is pregnant AND came over with a bag of cleaning supplies to clean the kids bathroom! How did we luck out to find such amazing friends! We feel so blessed! Thanks Kristen and Joel!


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the color. Isn't it amazing how much warmer the room feels when there are wood floors? I love it. Now onto the next project :)

Idaho Pascoes said...

LOVE your floors!!! Sorry Bob couldn't come & help, but at least he's liking his new job.
Ben helped a little putting in our floors up in Prather - he should have been a little familiar with the installation.
Now that THAT project is done, I gonna send you some books to start reading. =)

3girlsmom said...

Wow! the floors look great! i am jealous! one day we will rip our builder carpet and get some of that awesome wood flooring!

congrats on the new house!!! have fun with all the projects. there is always something to do. and it always takes forever with kids around.

Anonymous said...

It was our first time putting in a floor. We had a blast. Glad that we could be of help. Love the colors of the paint. Can't wait to see what the hall looks like, as well as the rest of the rooms, when you're done. Looking forward to the rest of the improvements.