Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, Grayson's Excited!

I just needed a picture to put on with the post for others like myself that are visual bloggers:) In case you were wondering, which I always do about fellow members of the Church, Justin and I have received callings in our new ward. Justin has been called to be Ward Missionary and I have been called to 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society. How do you like that? I was relieved not to be called into Nursery! I am afraid of the Nursery calling because I feel my children are CRAZY when I am there with them... however now I'm realizing all the meetings that go into RS, I might should've rethunk the Nursery idea... at least they have snacks!


Julia said...

not to mention you could have taken grayson in there now, instead of walking the halls the next 8.5 months

Phillips Family said...

Congratulations on the new calling. Good Luck with everything. Sounds like you'll be busy. I've been in nursery for 10 months. We have 4 nurserys and I'm with neither of the girls. It's ok. It's a hard calling to be released from because no one wants to do it. Enjoy your nre calling.

bretandjulie said...

You'll be great! Just pass Grayson over to Justin during the last hour and enjoy your time with other women. Your ward is lucky to have you!