Saturday, April 05, 2008

Uncle Jordan & Auntie Heidi

The COOLEST adventure for Kennedy and myself took place a few weeks ago when Uncle Jordan & I met half way between our houses to drop off Kennedy for 4 days! Kennedy is good at being the oldest child, but has never been the only child... she had a blast!!!

Uncle Jordan lived with Justin and I for a few months after he got home from his mission in Finland. We were renting a house with a basement at the time and Jordan got the entire space to himself... unless I needed to watch TV:) Anyway Kennedy was about 14 months old and finally learned to walk at that time. She was quick about getting downstairs to see Jordan and watch Baby Einstein. She has a special bond with her "favorite" uncle and equally LOVES her Auntie Heidi.

They live in Ventura as Jordan is finishing school and Heidi is working as a Hygienist. Aren't we all a little jealous of beautiful Ventura at times:) As I was half way there I wanted to go too!

After so much fun, when it was time to come home she did NOT want to leave. When Justin and I showed up to get her, Kennedy was screaming and wouldn't get out of Jordan & Heidi's car! On our drive home she screamed in protest for a good 15 minutes before she was calm enough to say, "I don't want to go home, I want to go with Jordan and Heidi!"

While Kennedy was gone I noticed little to no screaming from MacKenzie or Grayson and couldn't believe the difference one child makes... So thanks Jordan and Heidi! I guess we just have a screaming quota in this family. Kennedy was making up for the lack of it on our ride home:)


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

I had to look twice...I thought the guy in the first photo was Justin! I can't believe how much alike they look. Wasn't it Jordan that our kids are in love with too?

ohmygahitsdeb said...

grayson was courtney's boyfriend, someone we used to all hang out with. He just got back from so. africa, so it was exciting to see him. :)

Jen said...

Who doesn't love Jordan & Heidi?!!? You're kids are so lucky to have such a fun Uncle and Auntie!! I am so glad you are all doing so great...the kids are beautiful and happy I see! Love you guys!

Underwood's in Cali said...

I think I would be kicking and screaming if I had to leave the beach too... Oh wait I already did that. hey are you stopping by on your way to Fresno??? When are you coming? Aj would LOVE to play with Kennedy and of course we'd love to see you too :D
btw, I went to call you today but lost your number AGAIN, I know I'm a loser

The Gage Cage said...

How funny that she didn't want to go home. I wish there was a pic of Heidi. I am always curios because I have a daughter Heidi. Evey Heidi I've ever met has been sweet and beautiful. I'm sure Aunt heidi is no exception.

Coronado's said...

i bet kennedy had fun not getting beat up on by her cousins too! :) is it a ca-winky dink that she happens to be wearing the same princess hoodie from the last posts pictures?