Wednesday, April 02, 2008


We live in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. For miles and miles dirt, sand and joshua trees happily place themselves along old route 66... then you see it! This small community build around 2 man made lakes. In my teenage years I secretly wondered what it would be like to live in "nowhere". It's awesome!!! However in my imaginations I didn't see people driving golf carts along the streets.

Justin and I finally got our association cards and fishing supplies which means we can now go fishing, golfing, use the club house and attend the parks without getting kicked out. Immediately after getting our cards he took the girls fishing. They were SO excited to open and use their fishing rod!

Kennedy was a little more excited about the night crawlers! (Remember that Benjamin)

I fed the baby and ended up taking Grayson and MacKenzie home to take naps.


Ben said...

yes i do... the rest of the fishing is BORING!!!!


Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

How fun for you guys. Wow that is the middle of no where. I completely empathize, as we have previously lived in those places before we moved here. BTW do you happen to have a Joe and Sabrina C. in your new ward?

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Don't even talk to me about being in the middle of nowhere...I think I have you beat (although if you factor in Taft, I think you've endured it longer). Glad to see that you got your computer back :)

Ginny said...

Hi Liz, I found your blog through Hiedi's. I was so excited! How are you all doing? E-mail me or check out my6 blog Your babies are beautiful!