Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Katelyn's getting hitched!

Katelyn is my sister-in-law and she is in love with a young man, who I have not offically met in person, named Dan. They got engaged a few weeks ago and we are so excited! Here's a picture of the 2 of them, don't they have "the look"?

I stole these pictures from her facebook page which explains why they are so little. This is Kennedy going with her and the 2 grandmas to check out wedding dresses. I think Kennedy is taking after me just a little bit. Before children I LOVED being in pictures. Am I vain? Don't know... I just thought it was fun. I know I'm in thousands of graduation and wedding pictures "casually" in the background, or planned, hmmm.

Back to Katelyn, I was so excited to hear she met Mr. Wonderful. I just think it's fun to see others get married especially when they are so happy! The sad part is... Dan is over in the war! Can you imagine being engaged long distance?!!! We love you Katelyn!

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ohmygahitsdeb said...

hahaha i bet he is... no, it means I'll be a lead.. I'm only a training mentor right now and we just hired someone not too long ago to be the next AGM b/c our old AGM got a better job at Famous Dave's. It kinnda makes me upset b/c the new girl is SO no ready to even be a training mentor but she's already a lead. But I think it will be better once I get promoted.