Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kennedy & Regan

Did the makers of Dino Bites know they would provide such meal time fun? Kennedy has a cute little friend Regan. Their names match and they play SO well together.

As they were eating yesterday they decided it would be fun to take the dino's for a fly through the air. Good times with fun food!

Kennedy was playing so quietly with her princess characters I just had to take a picture.

Then out of nowhere MacKenzie came along and knocked them down! And took off running in the process.


Millers! said...

Not just running, she was streaking!!!! hahaha, too cute!

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

I'm all for dressing up your kids, but what's with the bumble-bee dress????

By the way, I just picked up some "dino byte" sandwich cookie cutters from a Walmart endcap for $1.88. They cut off the crusts and make it into 2 dinosaurs - so cute! You might need to invest...

SAS said...

Your kids are beautiful! I wish we could meet at the park today! :(