Friday, December 28, 2007

Sacramento Trip

I would say the most exciting part about going to Sacramento was visiting Janay AKA: Sister Koutz. We were companions on Temple Square during the Olympics and had SO much fun together. I think we knew each other in the pre-existance.

Here's Kennedy with "Uncle Ralph". We went to a Mongolian Bar-b-que restaurant with him, Quintana and Patricia. Such good food!! You fill up your bowl with uncooked meat, noodles, and whatever else you want in your stir fry and they cook it in front of you. Yummy! Here Kennedy was watching Ralph eat with chop sticks so she did the same... with straws:) For all she understood Ralph was eating with straws.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bumbo Recall

The deal with Bumbo chairs according to Liz Pollock:

From what I understand the Bumbo was recalled because kids were falling out of them... Here are the facts:
1. If your child can stretch hard enough to fall out, they are TOO BIG to be in the Bumbo anyway
2. If your child is using the Bumbo as advised, stretching out and falling out would add up to a fall about an inch off the floor, not enough for any physical damage.
3. The box and directions say for use on the ground, not for use on 4 foot high counter tops above a tile floor.
4. NOTHING available at Target, Babies R Us or Wal Mart will babysit your kids. Believe you me if there were such a product day cares would be out of business.
So mom's out there... it's your own fault your kids fell. Just admit it and move on.

*I have made countless dinners with MacKenzie sitting in her Bumbo on the counter and not once had a problem. And Every time I put her up on the counter I knew I was wrong in doing so, however she never fell. I did however catch Kennedy's sock on fire because she was sitting too close to the gas stove. Opps! She's fine. Didn't feel a thing thanks to my super fast reflexes :)

**After reading this you may never want me to watch your kids... totally fine and I'm not offended.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Older Sisters

Who gets to have pink hand-me-downs... any little boy that has older sisters :) My brother has 4 older sisters which would explain his favorite pink snow boots he wore ALL the time and his pretty purple bike. Grayson may be able to relate one day. For now he has no idea he will be sitting in a pink bumbo chair for part of his life.

The girls love their baby brother. Kennedy wakes up in the morning and "needs" to see him first thing. Sometimes I get out of the shower and there she is lying next to him on my bed "petting" his head.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Reading level

I was just thinking the other day how much I enjoy writing and used to LOVE writing for my high school newspaper. I guess 4 years of college with no actual degree pays off in the long run. Now I can say, "no, I don't have my bachelor's, but my blog was rated genius". That'll show 'em!

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

All locked up

The kids love getting in the dog kennel. Usually it's MacKenzie, but this evening she was happier shutting the gate on Kennedy:)

MacKenzie as we know her. I have not gone anywhere but to church these past few weeks.

And the kids look so cute all dressed up! Grayson is almost a month old can you believe it?

Friday, December 07, 2007

We're all a little creative

The girls are creative in their ability to locate and get into any form of sugar. At first it was MacKenzie getting into the actual sugar, now she goes for the chocolate! I thought the girls were watching a movie.. they were, just with a little refreshment:)

MacKenzie was the mastermind, but has learned from Kennedy that if you're gonna do something you shouldn't, invite your sister to join in.

About a year ago Summer Adams introduced my to vinyl lettering. It is sooo fun and now my step mom has a cutting machine!! At Thanksgiving I printed out a bunch of letters and here is what I put together this morning.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blessing Day

Here we are on blessing day and we all made it to church early and all dressed although Kennedy's hair I thought would look better than it looked when she got out of the car. Oh well. Grayson is so lucky to have so many family members around him. There were 8 family members in the priesthood circle giving him the blessing. What a lucky guy to be surround by so much power :)

Auntie Katelyn and little Grayson. He loves his aunt and was a pretty good sleeper for her. The girls love her too and I love when she comes to visit and helps get them ready for bed when the day is over. Tonight she got them in the bath and in their jammies! Thanks Katelyn!