Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bumbo Recall

The deal with Bumbo chairs according to Liz Pollock:

From what I understand the Bumbo was recalled because kids were falling out of them... Here are the facts:
1. If your child can stretch hard enough to fall out, they are TOO BIG to be in the Bumbo anyway
2. If your child is using the Bumbo as advised, stretching out and falling out would add up to a fall about an inch off the floor, not enough for any physical damage.
3. The box and directions say for use on the ground, not for use on 4 foot high counter tops above a tile floor.
4. NOTHING available at Target, Babies R Us or Wal Mart will babysit your kids. Believe you me if there were such a product day cares would be out of business.
So mom's out there... it's your own fault your kids fell. Just admit it and move on.

*I have made countless dinners with MacKenzie sitting in her Bumbo on the counter and not once had a problem. And Every time I put her up on the counter I knew I was wrong in doing so, however she never fell. I did however catch Kennedy's sock on fire because she was sitting too close to the gas stove. Opps! She's fine. Didn't feel a thing thanks to my super fast reflexes :)

**After reading this you may never want me to watch your kids... totally fine and I'm not offended.


Millers! said...

OH how I love Liz and your straight forwardness!!!! You can watch my kids anytime! :)

Summer Adams said...

LOL, you are soooooo funny Liz!!!

Ok, AMEN to everything you just said sista! Except the very last line. You're a good mom and I only wish you were closer for me to dump my kid(s) off on you and let you watch them ;-)

Congrats on the move. We just listened to Justin's voicemail. He's calling him back later on tonight I think he said. Happy unpacking!!! (ugh)

Pamela said...

Why does the world have to suffer because of others stupidity?? You hit the nail on the head. But, you are a great mom :)