Friday, December 07, 2007

We're all a little creative

The girls are creative in their ability to locate and get into any form of sugar. At first it was MacKenzie getting into the actual sugar, now she goes for the chocolate! I thought the girls were watching a movie.. they were, just with a little refreshment:)

MacKenzie was the mastermind, but has learned from Kennedy that if you're gonna do something you shouldn't, invite your sister to join in.

About a year ago Summer Adams introduced my to vinyl lettering. It is sooo fun and now my step mom has a cutting machine!! At Thanksgiving I printed out a bunch of letters and here is what I put together this morning.


Kendra said...

I love it. that is so cute. I totally want one.

Millers! said...

Super cute with the chocolate! I love that sign... I need my mom to make a few sayings for me! I am hoping she brings her machine up here, so I can play with it... plus I want to buy some colored vinyl!

Summer Adams said...

Wow, your girls are so gorgeous, even all messy! And I looove that name board. Very cute and isn't it so fun?!