Sunday, September 06, 2009

Road trippin'

Who's trippin'?  Who's idea was it to drive all the way to Washington?  But you know the kids have been such good travelers.  
Along the way we made a pit stop for a few days in Idaho.  My sister Khristie and Bob live in Meridian and we haven't seen them in almost 2 years.  The kids were in my-Aunt-Khristie-spoils-me heaven.  And I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  No one can replace the funniness of my sister.  She needs to live closer!

Now we're in Spokane with Justin's brother Jordan & Heidi.  These brothers have missed each other.  A lot.  And it is beautiful here!  This is the farthest north I've ever been (okay outside of going to England) and it's so nice and cool up here.  

For the past few days we've been boating @ Couer d' Alene which is like 25 minutes from their house.  I had my doubts about getting in the water, but the lake is WARM!  The boys have been wake boarding and skiing, but me and Heidi just do the tube.  We made all the kids go on the tube... so funny.  Nothing like making Grayson get on out there, but he liked it!  MacKenzie LOVED it, and Kennedy only went out to cash in on the ice cream bribe:)


Older and Wisor said...

Is that a CAFFEINATED BEVERAGE shirt on the TEMPLE GROUNDS?? For shame.

Glad you've almost reached half way!!

Pollock Palooza said...

That's right. Someone once told me Mormon's like their caffeine on ice.