Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ode to Facebook

This is one of many reunions we've had thanks to that sweet little website. Justin thinks it's "lame", but not when his old high school buddies contact me. This is Sarah, Justin's old high school buddy. I LOVE Sarah! Wish she was around Clovis instead of Taft so many years ago. While we were near her home town we went for a visit.

While visiting we went to this pick your own fruit area of Washington called Green Bluff. They have animals and toys and produce. Except we went while everything was "getting ripe", so nothing to pick.
Justin accidently let out the goat from the caged area though. Ha!

The goat was ticked. Kept head butting him;)

There were some cute little shops. I mean every little boy needs a tractor.

And I had to take some pics of these clocks for my sister Rebecca, click here. You like?
This one made me think of "Simply Lemonade".

Sarah invited us over for some AMAZING BBQ. So tastey. She's got 3 little girls (and a hubby). Kennedy asked a few days later when we were gonna go back to our "new friends" house. Our kids blended together, good times. Thanks Sarah (and Travis)!

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Jenna said...

So I feel totally inspired when I see all your cute blog posts and I thought it would be a great way to keep people informed. So I copied your layout. Is that okay? I hope your not angry!!!! Have fun on your trip and if you want our new blog