Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nothing gay about it

Due to the low rainfall in the high desert, we don't see these.  Ever.  But they do in Washington!  I couldn't believe how HUGE this thing was (blast!  I don't have panoramic lens).  

I guess Jesus won't be coming back today.  


3girlsmom said...

how fun!!!! haven't seen the blog in a while. been crazy! thought life would be easier with all kids in school, but apparently after dropping them off at two different schools i only have about 4 1/2 hrs to myself. most of which we know that i am doing laundry and crap!

anyhoo, love all the pics!!!! fun road trip. hope the fires don't get you. was that the one they found out was larson?????? and the night tables!!! what is with you and becky finding the great stuff on craigslist??? i never find that stuff! EVER!!! not even anything i can paint or change!!! arggggg!!!! so.not.right. hope all is well with you guys.

Georgia said...

ya you did...there is nothin gay about it TAKE BACK THE BOW! :)