Wednesday, May 06, 2009

When will enough ever be enough?

Justin and I have been married for 6 years this summer. Cra-zy! One thing we do not share in common after all this time is the love of animals. I've deicded that when Heavenly Father was getting around the creating animals I was busy doing something else... on purpose! Justin, however, was right there with Jesus asking if he could play with all those creatures, just for a few minutes before they had to come to earth.

So far our married life has brought these creations to our home(s):
6 dogs
7 birds
10+ fish
1 hermit crab
1 iguana
1 rabbit

Currently we have 1 dog, 1 parrot and 2 hands full of fish not counting the 4 poly wogs on the front porch only because the kitchen counter top was getting a little gross. Nothing like cooking dinner while looking at almost frogs swim around watching you.

Today I was gone at the park all morning and look who joined the Pollock Zoo while I was gone:

A Pug! He doesn't have a name yet for sure, Katelyn told me it might be Bigley? or something like that. But I have to admit I was not entirely surprised.

Look how happy Apollos is to have a buddy though. I have to admit the new little Pug is cute even though I DON'T do dogs.


Millers! said...

I am thinking in about 3 weeks, we will have a FULL HOUSE! But it will be lots of fun, the Pug is cute!

kelly said...

I have to admit, I am not a big animal fan myself. Pugs are great though. I had a pug from the time I was 5 years old until I was about 20. His name was Mugsy and he was so sweet. I like Bigly, that's cute.

Rhonda said...

Pugs are great. My grandparents always had pugs. Everytime one would die (of old age of course) they would get another. They make very loyal pets and love children!

Older and Wisor said...

HAHA You know you can't leave that man alone for one moment or there's bound to be another family member! What a cutie....maybe he'll distract Apollos from barking??

Hayden wants a "little cute doggy" so bad. "Mesa wants a friend though Mom- she DOES!" NOOOOOOOOOO.

Rachel said...

I am rather jealous of you! I can't have a pet and you CAN and would rather not! :-)

K&MSilva said...

You better not get rid of him, he's such a cutie! I'm wondering though, did he just wonder in, or did Justin bring him home? Or did I miss that part? Either way, keep him!!

Sierra Wisor said...

Pugs in my opinion have always been the ugliest and dumbest and the grossest dogs to me, but yours is a cutie.

M & M said...

Oh Liz! I almost spit my orange juice out, I was laughing so much! Ira wanted to adopt a cute little miniture boxer at Petsmart, but Mark wouldn't even consider it. I have a weak spot when I see those poor guys, but Mark keeps me strong. :) Good luck with the new little guy!

kanabanana said...

Pugs are cute...I have rules with my furry friends. We were going to get a dog at Christmas this year, but now we will gladly take a new baby instead. (read my blog if you haven't heard the news yet). I must say I loved our poodle! She was the best dog, and like you I was not an animal lover until we had "Katie-girl"!

Brandon & Megan said...

Love the blog and all the pictures! Your family is SO CUTE! Can't wait to see you again!

Amanda said...

HOW CUTE! ok now you have to invite me over. it is my life long dream to have a pug. they are the cutest dogs on the earth, and i want one SO bad. unfortunately for me they cost too much money so for now i do not have one. but now i can play with yours! If you ever get rid of him, he has a home :)