Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Ridin' My Pony

My brother had a purple and pink bike, pink snow boots and pink panties...
ok I'm kidding about the underwear.
Grayson has a pink and purple unicorn rocking horse and loves it!

He's secure in his manhood!


Rachel said...

LOL! Your posts always make me laugh! Too cute!

kelly said...

That's cute. Peyton has lots of boy toys.

Millers! said...

Oh my gosh! I cant wait to meet this kiddo!!!! We are going to have so much fun... and it will be crazy busy!!!!

3girlsmom said...

love it! and Y-E-S i L-O-V-E-D david cook on american idol the other night. you know i have to watch that one again! (especially without kids bouncing around on top of me on the couch!)

and while the finale was AWESOME this year i wasn't too invested in either contestant. i think they both had their good sides. adam was great as long as he wasn't screaming and sticking his tongue out. i LOVED that they had him sing with kiss! that was classic! i did like kris as well for his acoustic ability and he was a pretty good musician, but i really didn't care either way this year who won. (even though i did vote for kris)

now when kris did win we were all VERY surprised! that part was totally exciting. we were in shock for a while. but that song he has to sing? that is CRAP! maybe for someone else it might be fine, but i didn't like it for either one of them.

all i gotta say is that we hope next year is better. so, on to the next one - so you think you can dance! we LOVED that one last year. let's see how it goes this year.

Rhonda said...

The pink pony is OK, but he needs some cowboy boots!