Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Our stake youth went on a pioneer trek. Now some of you may think.... ummm yeah, but the real pioneers walked from the east to Utah. Yes, they did but later some groups also walked from Utah to Southern California right through our stake. Pretty awesome huh.

It was just a 24 hour trek, nothing too crazy. We went up Friday night the kids treked in a mile I drove and set up the tent with some lovely assistants. The evening was beau-ti-ful! Awesome purple-blue sky and a full moon. I just love living in the desert. We had a live band isn't the lady playing guitar Khristie in a few years? and dancing. Some of the teenage girls taught the whole group some time appropriate group dances, TOTALLY Pride and Prejudice style! Where were my sisters?!

The next day the "family" groups took off in their companies and here's the part where I came in because you know... it's all about me, right? There were 4 or 5 stops along the trail where the Mormon Battalion came and took ALL the men, leaving the women on their own. Then I held the women for a minute talking about one of the young girls and her mother and how they made it across the plains. totally made me cry There were Indians screaming from on top of the mountains later on and at the end of the trail (where they turned around the come back to camp) it was straight up! They had to push their hand cart straight up and when you got to the top it looked out onto and HUGE valley. What perspective! Just when you think it's the hardest part... you've got 1,000s of miles yet to go! While on top of the hill young pioneer couple acted out their trials as they buried their teeny baby! So realistic.

So fun. There was a reporter there walkin' right along with the families. I couldn't believe how far she went before she decided to go on back home.
Here's her article.


jennifer said...

what an amazing event. and how cool that it was documented with a real article in the paper! YOU ARE FAMOUS! that's awesome that you were quoted. our quad stake area did a trek this year too, but it was only one day - not overnight. (probably that was best it wasn't overnight because there were 650+ kids there) we'll have to tuck these ideas away for the next time our stake does a trek. i love all the personal enlightening stops along the way - i bet that made it so much more realistic.

Bob & Khristie said...

I thought that was a pic of me for a second, then I realized it was you in my clothes! All us girls really do look similar. Crazy =)
After they took the guys away in WY the girls had to go up a really sandy hill, too.
I like the Indians yelling at you, what a great idea! Glad you had fun. And you got to be Scottish!!! Go Sassenach! (you'll have to read the book)
There is so much church history that happened in the Inland Empire. I had no idea how much until I lived down there. It's such a big LDS population.
Hopefully your stake will do Trek every few years so all the youth will get to experience it.

Older and Wisor said...

Our stake is getting ready to do ours...too bad Sierra doesn't get to go since she isn't 14.

By the way, I have another tummy ache. Dang monkey bread.