Thursday, May 21, 2009

Was it really a good idea, that telephone? And who came up with voicemail?

This is a conspiracy to ruin my life.

All day, every day it rings. Ring, ring, ring, ring , ring (well in reality it has a little Bach song playing) but it still makes noise. I have MANY noise makers in my house:

Ping (the bird)

Do I really need a phone to add to the list? No I don't. But because sometimes it's my husband calling from his job, I must have one. If it weren't for that, I'd be phone-less and happier.

If you're really my friend, if you really love me you will email me! ESPECIALLY if you have some sort of instruction or planning idea that requires me to get some paper to write it down anyway. Just email it.

What's even MORE annoying? We don't have answering machines when you're on the plan we have... it's voice mail! So then people will call and talk to the voice mail like I can here them, "hey... are you there? can you hear me?" NO!

Occasionally I will check the messages left on the voice mail. Average # of messages 12-15. Even if there were 2 you know what I do? Delete, delete without listening to a word you said. Because if you really wanted to say something, you would've emailed it.

And if you think, "Oh I'll just call her cell phone". No... I don't check that either. In fact maybe once a month will I check those messages. The last time I checked there were unheard messages dating back to February. I'll do the math for you, that's 3 months ago! Do not leave a message on my cell phone either. I will not listen to it.

Every day around dinner time I have already lost my mind (whatever it's gone as I wake up to crying), so when the phone rings I want to do this...

So I'll say it again... just email me.


Brandon & Megan said...

LOVE IT~ I will make sure to never call! I don't want to be on the other end of that rage (haha)

K&MSilva said...

I'm guessing after this post your phone will not ring again!

kelly said...

I hope everyone that calls you reads your blog! I hate the phone too, but I REALLY hate checking my e-mail.

The Pollock Family said...

I'll just wait for you to call me. :)

Millers! said...

Dont worry I will still call you! LOVE YA!

Pamela said...

I'm the same way. :)

Underwood's in Cali said...

What?!!! the funny thing is i was going to call you today and see how things are, but i decided to jump online instead- watse time ya know. Good thing, ya jerk :)

Anonymous said...

So, you want to do LUNCH??? Sounds like I good time to get away from the PHONE and HOME.... !!! I on the other hand LOVE the phone.... thus my love to talk.... I Dislike




The Jenkins Family said...

nice! Im sorry for calling!