Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it Spring?

Because we finally did a little something to the front yard by planting flowers. We got some poppies this time (the big tall ones), a few pansies, something tall like a snapdragon but not, and something like a marigold. Note my acute observance of flower names.

I hope they last. The kids help plant them which means a few ever so gently ripped out of the containers before they were thrown into the ground. Might have lost a few roots along the way.


K&MSilva said...

Those flowers are beautiful Liz! Hopefully they last, that would be a nice reminder of Spring when it's cold outside.

Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

Don't worry - the frost will kill them before the lack of root system does! I think you should've chosen giant (faux)sunflowers...you know, Texas style landscaping...they're 80% off at michaels and in a week or two they could have nice faded teal leaves haha

The Ortuno Family said...

Looks great, bet you can't wait to get the rest done. There is nothing better than a nice green lawn! But for now you will have beutiful flowers to look at.