Thursday, November 27, 2008


Alright here's the pic of my bookshelf and note the 2 empty shelves on the bottom. That's a preview to how our Christmas tree will be decorated too. I love it! 9' tall and everything fits out of Grayson reach. I made sure to put Justin's Spanish books in MacKenzie reach:) I've been checking craigslist for a while and finally found the perfect fit with the perfect price. I agree with my other family members... I just can't pay full price for furniture when I know I can find it used on craigslist!


The Ortuno Family said...

I think you are the craigslist queen! Good job. I love it when I find a great deal! Hope your family has a great Thanksgiving! We really miss you guys!!!!

elite-proxy said...

Who doesn't like finding a good deal :) My wife picked up a book the other day at 1/5th of the retail price, made her day.

Proxy Craigslist

Wacky Wild Wisor Style said... likey. On the bottom two shelves you put little baskets or bins of the kids toys or books -cmon now! Not only does it free up other spots, but when you have friends come over with their kids the distractions are handy ;)

3girlsmom said...

awesome! i agree with becky! put some kids stuff on the bottom. come on!!

Kathleen said...

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