Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In the Pool

I was driving along the other day thinking, "Man, it's not even that hot today." I looked at the temp and it said 97*. Since when was 97* not that hot? This week I've noticed there's a heat advisory meaning it's well over 100*. Still not feeling it so much. I just run the swamp cooler and then we hop in the pool after lunch for an hour or 2. Did I mention how much we enjoy swimming? And the best news is our power bill... $50 baby! That's right 100+ weather and $50 bill! I will now get struck by lightening and have a $300 bill for the rest of the summer, but for this month all I have is a happy :)


The Gage Cage said...

That is a cute swim suit. I think you can't feel the heat so much because you're so smokin hot. When you're as good lookin as you are...the air outside isn't any hotter then you already are.

kanabanana said...

People usually mock us when they hear we have a swamp cooler in the desert...what they don't realize is that they are super efficient and cost effective. Late yesterday when it was 110+ degrees I noticed it had a hard time keeping up, but overall it is awesome and keeps us cool!

Plus, I don't know about you but when I go home to Bakersfield it just feels muggy to me...the air is so heavy I have a real hard time being outside. It is dry in the desert, not Bako. Therefore swamp coolers work best here! Nuff said...

Glad you are enjoying the summer!