Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kennedy's first Primary Program

Today was Kennedy's first Primary Program. My mom & stepdad and Justin's parents came to watch her debut her big speaking part (we also threw together a quick birthday party for Grayson which explains the party hats).

From L-R Bruce, Kathy, Kennedy, Mom, MacKenzie, Manuel, Grayson, Katelyn on me & Justin.
Now for those of you who don't know, the Primary Program it's where the children ages 3-11 perform a 30-40 minute presentation instead of your regular "Sunday sermon" if you will. It is always entertaining and usually funny. This morning I was able to appreciate it as a parent.

As the program started the children were singing and all I could see was the back of Kennedy's head. Nice. The chorus began and she whipped around to sing all the words like a champ. That's my girl. Second verse... cat stretching for a few minutes until the chorus again where she starts singin' like a pro. Good job. (Insert proud Grandparents, Aunt Katelyn and mom)

Then she has her speaking part, "I lived with Heavenly Father before I came to earth". Said through her hand up to her mouth and her head turned to the side. My shy little girl. Aww. Cute.

Another song and they sit down. THEN... what is she asking her teacher? I see their little conversation and it ends as Kennedy walks down off the stage and is now sitting on my lap. Uh.
M: The program's not over, don't you want to finish?
K: No. I'm tired of sitting up there.
M: I'll give you some gum if you go back up there.
K: Um, no thanks. I'm done.

Well okay, what do you say to that? I don't know, but she sure was cute while it lasted. Thanks to the grandparents for driving all that way to see your granddaughter in her 5 minute performance. Next year is sure to be a crowd pleaser with MacKenzie though. She'd've sat up there today if we let her.


Rhonda said...

The Primary Program is my favorite Sunday of the year. Just love it! I am sure she was just adorable!

Kiley said...

That is funny! I didn't even realize she left the stand!

kanabanana said...

It is a proud moment to see your kids up there! Eric and I always have a tear or two in our eyes while watching our Jacob, next year it will be Trevor too! So fun, that your family could come!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

At least she behaved without crawling under the piano, trying to sneak into the line of kids to "blow" into the microphone or yell at her neighbor repeatedly, "Wanna smell my feet?"

I guess it goes without saying that Hayden was "written out" of the program and stayed at home until the second hour....