Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall activities

include making turkeys...

Going to the mountains to get wood in our new trailer. That's right Justin found a trailer on craigslist while we were in Fresno for Benjamin's wedding. He's been floating around the house for almost a month feeling "like a man" now that he has "manly things".

And what's fall without a little hint of winter. I found this tree at a yard sale a few months ago which means... we're puttin' up 2 trees this year! That's right 2! This one the kids decorated with stuffed animals. Total cost $0. Take that Tai Pan.

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Tai Pan called and said don't worry - they don't want your white trash tree. So there.

We always stick toys on our tree so it must be white trash.

Glad to see Justin finally found his radio flyer, oops, I mean "trailer," so he can get back to devoting his free time to rescuing animals. That bark.

By the way, love your new header.