Saturday, June 27, 2009

My new fav

I loved this book!  It's the story of Mary and Joseph's life before, during and after the birth of Jesus and through the death of Joseph.  Mary is strong-willed and in Joseph's face... and after thinking about it she would have to be!  In her world they weren't even supposed to walk over the alloted steps on Sunday for fear of "breaking the Sabbath".  Next thing you know she's carrying a baby out of wed lock?!  And then tells her fiancé about it when she's already starting to show?  Come on.  Heavenly Father HAD to find a woman with a backbone.  Fantastic book, you have to read it!

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3girlsmom said...

oooo sounds good. if you like that one have you read two from galilee (sp?)? can't remember the author but you can look it up.