Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting Bigger

It's birthday week around here and MacKenzie's turning 3! She loves "lips" (code for chapstick or gloss) and make-up. I've never seen anyone re-apply so much in one day.

Kennedy has become Grayson's mom. This morning I rejoiced as she pulled him out of his crib by herself and poured him some milk in a sippy cup! Sweet. She's hired. Her and her "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" nose. (She made it herself out of a fruit roll up).

And Grayson... he is one high maintenance child. The girls went to Grandma Carla's last week and I was all alone with him while Justin worked. The whole week I could hear the words, "having one child is the hardest thing you will ever do." I can't tell you how many times I heard that after I gave birth to Kennedy. At the time I thought everyone was CRAZY! They're not.

I mean look at this sweet face accessorized with a pink head band. He's so cute, but there's no way I'm holding that 30lbs of wiggle all day.


Silva Family said...

Happy Birthday MacKenzie! When you blow out your candles you should wish for mascara, it goes great with "lips" :)

3girlsmom said...

happy bday!!!!! she sounds like a firecracker!!!! don't ya just love it when they start doing stuff for themselves and their siblings?

kelly said...

Yep, it is so nice to have more than one so they can entertain each other. My oldest plays really well by himself and would make a great only child. I'm glad I have them all though, they really love each other!

Unknown said...

Your kids are stinkin' cute!!