Monday, June 15, 2009

Facebook quizes!

You can't tell me you've NEVER taken a facebook quiz. I have. Sometimes I just need to know which Jane Austen heroin I am. Well today I needed to know what kind of storm I am and here's the outcome. (I love the part about dogs and small children, HA!)

Your Result: Thunderstorm

You are a thunderstorm, you like the power of your rumble but have a comforting quality about you. Some find you romantic and can cuddle up when you roll in, and others are terrified of you - especially dogs and small children.


Brandon & Megan said...

I laughed so hard when I read this I could barely read it to my husband... SO FUNNY! You are more than welcome at my house... I have no dogs.. and no children... perfect for your "storm type."

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that the post includes your dogs and children. I don't think that I've seen them run and hide from you (except to lure you into the thought that they are asleep)! They are having a great and exhausting time~



3girlsmom said...

funny!!!!!! check my comments on my last post for a reply to yours.