Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's one big family

Justin's Aunt Claudia died last week. What do you say about something like that? Nothing... I can't think of anything but her big smile and the sound of her laughing. Anyway we all went to Arizona for the funeral (which as her husband Clay put it "was the Pollock RIP" show). Bruce shared some thoughts about Claudia and her life and it was perfect! Made you cry and made you laugh and think of the fun woman she was. Jared and Katelyn sang beautifully and I... tried not to screw up the pedals on the organ playing. The chapel was packed with a good 200 people to honor her! What a day and here's a little pic of the relatives on both Clay and Claudia's side. Note Kennedy's funny face from behind the blond (Sierra) on the far left.

We love you Clay! We had so much fun playing at the ranch. Thank you and good luck!

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Rhonda said...

The only time you can get the whole family together for pictures is at a funeral or wedding. Great family picture, sorry to hear about your aunt.