Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Our stake conference was in Justin's patrol area on Sunday. You know what that means... he got to be with us at church for a good 25 minutes! Big deal. Really big deal. What was even cooler? He was in uniform complete with radios, guns and a taser. The girls kept saying to their friends, "Daddy has guns to shoot the bad guys". And today Justin recieved a portrait from Truman (a boy in our ward that apparently LOVES to watch COPS). How cute is this?

Note the gun (black) AND the taser (bright yellow) both accurate. Thanks Truman. Justin LOVED it!


Underwood's in Cali said...

That is cute. Are you always on the computer or what? :P

Older and Wisor said...

HAHA! That Brother Pollock is SO awesome. If you don't agree, then you better be prepared to be tasered.

Can I get some frys with that shake? said...

Thats so cute..