Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy in the Bathroom

Alright here's phase 2 completed kind of on the kids bath room. We haven't even sealed the grout yet, but it looks so good already! Here's a before. What you see is linoleum floors (which were coming up) and a fiber glass tub and insert. Not the worst bath I've ever seen... not the greatest either.

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Then we ripped it out. But that new cast iron bathtub... didn't want to fit.
Notice that yellow tape measure the kids destroyed in the process:)

To get the tub to fit there was a little plumbing situation. So Justin chopped it off. Well welding it back together was another story:) Let's just say on the other side of that torch is my hallway. Though hot to touch on the other side, it didn't totally get burnt.

But look at Justin's and his buddies Ed & Scott handy work with the tile!! He moved the shower head up about 16" so it doesn't ever hit someone "on their collar bones instead of their head like it should".

If you look close click on the pic, you'll notice there are no shelves... don't worry we are getting one of those glass ones that you stick on the tile. My in-laws have one in their master shower, LOVE it! You can actually fit ALL your shampoo, soap, razor and whatever else on the shelf because it's W-I-D-E and deep.

The rest of my plans include:
1. painting the rest of the walls where that mirror came off.
2. Black cabinets
3. I found granite counter tops for cheap!
4. New baseboards
5. Cutting and framing the mirror that was on there.
6. and... Dad and Pennie didn't you offer your services? I'm thinkin' 3 can lights. One over the shower itself and one of over each sink. I think that'll look nice!


K&MSilva said...

Definitely go for #3, granite is always so nice :) Maybe #7 could be "add some pink"...or maybe not. Totally up to you of course :)

K&MSilva said...

Oh, wait, one more thing! You should have put a "Gettin" in the title ;)

Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Oooh it is looking so good. All your hard work is really paying off! :)

Pamela said...

All I can say is that I love what you're doing to it! It looks great!

jennifer said...

ooo-lah-lah. that is going to be the most beautifulest fanciest bathroom around! and it's for your kids?! wow. you are awesome parents. i hope they know how lucky they are.

Older and Wisor said...

How yummy is that?? Even more yummy because I don't have to get any grout under my fingernails (which is not yummy). It looks fantastic!

M & M said...

I realized after I left your house the other day that I didn't get to check out the bathroom! I will have to make a special trip out there, it looks great!

kelly said...

I love it! I think the cabinets will look great black too.