Friday, February 29, 2008

My Li'l Helper

Kennedy LOVES to "help" make things. Sometimes I love her helping, other times I'm tired and grouchy, and I don't want any more little people in my way...imagine that. So I got this fantastic recipe from my sister Rebecca for sugar cookies. I decided that would be a fun thing for Kennedy and I to make and MacKenzie could help if she wanted. All the mixing and rolling was a mess, but so much fun! No cookie cutters (FYI- first time I've ever made cookies needing cutters) so we improvised with the lid to the Pam spray bottle and a knife:) These cookies were SO good I think I single handedly ate them all minus a few for the girls. Thanks Rebecca!

My brother, as I mentioned in a previous post, has 4 older sisters. We would dress him up with make-up, wig and high heels... he LOVED it! NO, he's not gay! I remember one of the boyfriends pulling my mom aside warning her NOT to let us "confuse" my brother. I think little boys can play in makeup and little girls can get filthy dirty and play with cars. Either way poor little Grayson may not have a choice growing up! Kennedy was all about putting this necklace on him:) Can't blame her, it's in her genes to play dress up with her brother.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweeeeet New Ride!

We have been looking at this car for a LONG time! We go through cars "like water", according to my sister Khristie, and she's right, but this is the one we've wanted for more than 2 years. I always thought we were too young for a "real" car and then we bought a minivan.... I LOVED the minivan, but when I found out the full size diesel Ford trucks got the SAME gas mileage.... I was SAD! Since then we decided the next car was to be a white, Ford Excursion, Diesel, '00-'03 nothing never for engine make and pricing reasons. Talk about being specific, but hey, we knew exactly what we wanted.

We found this on last week, exactly in our price range. It was in Henderson, NV (2 hours away) so we thought we'd go check it out and visit Justin's buddy Zack who lives in Vegas. With this planning, if we didn't get the deal we wanted it wouldn't be a wasted trip. At one point we had to quote Justin's dad, "look, you've got to give me an offer I can't refuse... I can refuse that one." Long story short we got EVERYTHING we wanted!!! And more!

We got to visit Zack for just a few hours and had fun walking through the Venetian! He works at its indoor mall at The Walking Company. I'm a big fan of such stores as my faovrite shoes for church are Dansko's. Anyway it was a fun trip, the kids were awesome and "we are still so excited" about our sweet new ride!

Okay I had to add this picture. NO we did not buy these shoes. He tried them on as a joke and then as I saw them on I thought they looked good.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Arizona Quickie

We went to Arizona to see Julia's baby blessed and this is what Justin found on the way home from church...a LIZARD! My husband has the eye of an eagle and saw this little guy sitting on a fence. We had to STOP the car so he could get it!

After it ran up his leg, Justin decided it would be a good idea to take it back to a park down the street :) The kids were so amused by this small, but big for its size, creature.

The group shot. Julia's boys and my kids in front, she and Efren, my dad, Ben and Justin and I. It was a fun trip!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tag you're it

Totally did this and had it all ready to go... and then I erased it! So here's to a little something you may or may not know about my sweet husband.

What’s his name? Justin Davis.

How long have you been together? May of 2003

How long did you date? 10 minutes... okay 6 weeks same thing.

How old is he? Turns 27 this week!

Who eats more? I'd like to say both, but nursing and being pregnant...(almost our whole marriage)... it's me. I "need" to:)

Who said I love you first? He did. It was a very mutual agreement.

Who is taller? Justin is. 6'3"

Who is smarter? School or hands on? Me for getting good grades, Justin for anything involving coordination.

Who does laundry? You are reading the blog of a laundry nazi! Spray & Wash is my best friend with every load.

Who does the dishes? Justin is conveniently working during any time the dishes might get done. He says it's one of the reasons Heavenly Father made him a man.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Justin, although I tell him the whole bed is "my side".

Who pays the bills? Me.

Who mows the lawn? I'd rather mow than do the dishes, but Justin will come out and take the lawn mower away if he catches me mowing the lawn.

Who cooks dinner? I do, but sometimes it's SO GOOD (the food) when Justin does it!

Who drives when you are together? Me, I'm a back seat driver in the front seat and I drive Justin NUTS!

Who is more stubborn? Who me? I'm not stubborn!

Who kissed who first? Justin kissed me... and I liked it!

Who asked out who first? Justin asked me out. He needed a little coaxing I think.

Who proposed? Justin.

Who has more siblings? Totally the same. He's the middle of 4 boys and a girl. I'm the middle of 4 girls and a boy.

Who wears the pants in the family? Justin likes skirts.

Let's see who wants to do this next. Oh just do it if you want to, but don't erase it on accident :)