Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Arizona Quickie

We went to Arizona to see Julia's baby blessed and this is what Justin found on the way home from church...a LIZARD! My husband has the eye of an eagle and saw this little guy sitting on a fence. We had to STOP the car so he could get it!

After it ran up his leg, Justin decided it would be a good idea to take it back to a park down the street :) The kids were so amused by this small, but big for its size, creature.

The group shot. Julia's boys and my kids in front, she and Efren, my dad, Ben and Justin and I. It was a fun trip!


Millers! said...

How cute that all the kids love the Lizard... That is a good family picture especially getting all the kids to cooperate!

Coronado Clan said...

i like the pics of the boys and the lizard. the group pic turned out cute and you'd never know that ben was wearing pj bottoms! :p later tonite i'll try to email you the pics that erica took.

Ben said...

hey hey..... i can pull off pj bottoms better than anyone!! =)

Heather said...

Next time you are in Arizona you should totally let me know! I go to school at ASU now and I havent seen you in FOREVER! I am completely shocked/amazed to see that you have three kids now. I hope you and the hubby are doing amazing!