Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweeeeet New Ride!

We have been looking at this car for a LONG time! We go through cars "like water", according to my sister Khristie, and she's right, but this is the one we've wanted for more than 2 years. I always thought we were too young for a "real" car and then we bought a minivan.... I LOVED the minivan, but when I found out the full size diesel Ford trucks got the SAME gas mileage.... I was SAD! Since then we decided the next car was to be a white, Ford Excursion, Diesel, '00-'03 nothing never for engine make and pricing reasons. Talk about being specific, but hey, we knew exactly what we wanted.

We found this on last week, exactly in our price range. It was in Henderson, NV (2 hours away) so we thought we'd go check it out and visit Justin's buddy Zack who lives in Vegas. With this planning, if we didn't get the deal we wanted it wouldn't be a wasted trip. At one point we had to quote Justin's dad, "look, you've got to give me an offer I can't refuse... I can refuse that one." Long story short we got EVERYTHING we wanted!!! And more!

We got to visit Zack for just a few hours and had fun walking through the Venetian! He works at its indoor mall at The Walking Company. I'm a big fan of such stores as my faovrite shoes for church are Dansko's. Anyway it was a fun trip, the kids were awesome and "we are still so excited" about our sweet new ride!

Okay I had to add this picture. NO we did not buy these shoes. He tried them on as a joke and then as I saw them on I thought they looked good.


Michelle said...

yeah! so fun for you! I'm jealous!

The Gage Cage said...

Sweet truck! Growing up there are a few things that I said I'd never do. Driving a minivan is one of them. I have since (let my practicality take over)done all of them. I am excited for you to have such a big truck. I know you'll love it when you take trips.

At the risk of sounding inappropriate, Justin's white shoes are pretty pimpin. You did say you were in Vegas. It would have been funny if you had put on some "working" shoes of your own and gotten in the pic too.

Millers! said...

Yeah for "new" cars, My sister in law Melissa... would that be "OUR" sister in law... I am still so word confused.. LOL she said we go through cars like water too... well until we find the right one I guess! OH I am so excited for this summer, Disneyland, family and possibly Vegas.. cant get much better than that!

ohmygahitsdeb said...

ahaha yes well that is a short drive.. hey oddly enough, I'm working at Jamba juice and sometimes I'm like, "brother pollock used to work here" haha. Where exactly do you guys live?

Dan and Janay said...

congrats on the new car. Love it. watch out for the gas, it costs me $76 to fill up my SUV the other day. I have a love hate relationship with my SUV. I hope you have a love relationship with yours.


kiahnaw said...

Congratulations on the new car!! That bio-diesel fuel sounds really it any cheaper? My dream van is the new Honda Odyssey, but I would rather have another baby than a brand new car...maybe I will be able to find a used one...I will drive my 2003 Town and Country until it dies...literally!

Glad you had a fun trip!