Friday, February 29, 2008

My Li'l Helper

Kennedy LOVES to "help" make things. Sometimes I love her helping, other times I'm tired and grouchy, and I don't want any more little people in my way...imagine that. So I got this fantastic recipe from my sister Rebecca for sugar cookies. I decided that would be a fun thing for Kennedy and I to make and MacKenzie could help if she wanted. All the mixing and rolling was a mess, but so much fun! No cookie cutters (FYI- first time I've ever made cookies needing cutters) so we improvised with the lid to the Pam spray bottle and a knife:) These cookies were SO good I think I single handedly ate them all minus a few for the girls. Thanks Rebecca!

My brother, as I mentioned in a previous post, has 4 older sisters. We would dress him up with make-up, wig and high heels... he LOVED it! NO, he's not gay! I remember one of the boyfriends pulling my mom aside warning her NOT to let us "confuse" my brother. I think little boys can play in makeup and little girls can get filthy dirty and play with cars. Either way poor little Grayson may not have a choice growing up! Kennedy was all about putting this necklace on him:) Can't blame her, it's in her genes to play dress up with her brother.


Millers! said...

Ummm Kennedy looks evil in the first picture.. but fun to make cookies.. I really dont have patience for that! OH Well! LOL... Love the kids!

Michelle said...

Sooo, I noticed that you took your last blog off. Are you keeping the car now??

Your kids are so cute! I haven't really braved the cookie thing too much yet. I let Kaitlin do that w/ her "Omi" (grandma).

When are you going to come to San DIego to play?

The Pollock's said...

Your blog is so cute!! We did the same stuff to our brother and he turned out fine.

Dan and Janay said...

sister, where is the recipe for these cookies?

janay Hunt