Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voting Day is Coming

So I made some phone calls tonight for Prop 8... not totally effective, but worth a shot. Benjamin, I like your hugemongous sticker on the car idea better. I just have the little yellow one. And are we registered to vote? Well I sent my stuff in before the due day. If same sex marriage passes... let's just hope it doesn't.


Petersen Family said...

We made phone calls yesterday as well! Hope your up for some more tonight!! :)

The Ortuno Family said...

We can't give up...we all have to work hard til the last second to make sure 8 passes!

3girlsmom said...

it really is amazing how everyone all over is rallying around you all in ca. good luck!! we also have a marriage prop on our ballot. this election is making me nervous!!!

ps good to talk to you last night. too bad we don't live closer. we would have so much fun together! and our kids too!