Thursday, October 02, 2008

All About Me

I am: trying to finish painting my kitchen… never seems like it will be done!
I think: the desert is a WONDERFUL place to live. I just love the days hot and the nights cold.

I know: “that my Redeemer lives…” okay that was funny, yet the first thing that popped in my mind, and a lot of musical information that randomly presents itself to the forefront of my mind upon which I comment to myself, “man, I’ve got some serious useless information up here”

I want: Disenyland passes (the cheap ones) and LOTS of furniture for 90% off

I dislike: nuts. Why ruin a perfectly good banana split with nuts?

I miss: being a missionary sometimes. It was so fun… at least it was mostly fun and sometimes just exhausting and long.

I fear: to buy anything the last week of the month! We only get paid once a month.

I hear: my family sleeping and a motorcycle going by.

I smell: … not I don’t

I crave: Nothing at the moment, but I was craving chocolate earlier and made brownies that turned out great minus the part where they were paper thin!

I cry: and then my eyes get REALLY red! I can’t hide a darn thing, my eyes tell all.

I search: craigslist for little hidden treasures others may get rid of Rebecca understands

I wonder: if we’ll really take the kids to the snow this year. We say that every year.

I regret: not moving into another ward purely for the fact that I might have receieved another calling. Nursery leader’s sounding real good about now.

I love: My husband and his new job. We were driving along through his “area” and I started crying! What was that all about?! I just LOVE that he loves his job and I love that we live where we do!

I care: About the people around me. I am always trying to have extra feelers out there... To be sensitive to their needs and help if I can.

I always: kiss my husband after praying, when he goes to work and when he comes home.

I worry: about being “financially independent” translation- completely debt free. We can do it! (I hope)

I am not: a great story teller, but in my mind it’s ALWAYS so funny!

I remember: Remember that one SNL skit about the hairspray…” I’m still so excited!” I was thinking about that the other day… no one knew what I was talking about.

I believe: I can fly

I dance: in the car.

I sing: alto & tenor… sometimes bass

I don't always: Listen to the Spirit. It usually comes back to bite me in the behind.

I argue: with Justin about who is the most observant driver. Definitely it’s me hands down, but then he brings in “and I’ve been trained and you still think you’re a better driver”… well it’s true. Some things are true whether you believe them or not.

I write: in my journal. Have regularly since jr. high

I win: Amen to Khristie’s response here! But I do win… okay not much is coming to me… I stole the remote from Khristie YEARS ago and she still has the scar to prove it! Ha!

I lose: Settler’s of Cattan ALL the time! What makes it worse is that Justin ALWAYS wins! It’s all a conspiracy I know it!

I wish: Our yard looked like Aunt Nedra’s backyard plus a large swimming pool.

I listen: to audio books on the ipod

I don't understand: what’s up with the dinosaurs?

I can usually be found: at home, wondering what the next meal will be

I am scared: of bears in the night while camping. I had to have Katelyn go with me to the bathroom at age 28! Thanks Katelyn. I know they’re not following me around… but what if they just needed a little snack?

I need: At least 3-4 meals a day.

I forget: Almost everything I tell myself I will not forget.

I am happy: well I am!

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Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Hey, I'll make a seat for you over here in the tenor section! I've finally just given up fighting it. Yes, I can sing alto, but let's face it, I can sing lower than half the men at church. I never wanted to sit with them because that was something "my MOM would do!" but let's face it, I am like my mother in many ways.
Now I just have to worry about all the ladies thinking I'm just sitting with the men so I can's called "being obnoxious" ladies! And I can do it with men AND woman ("that's what she said").

Megan said...

This is a fun one! Oh my your kids are adorable! Their eyes, and expressions, beautiful! No dog yet, but it is inevitable. We will probably wait until Elsie isn't so destructive!

Idaho Pascoes said...

Ah, I am so glad that "The Office" is back on again! Thanks Rebecca! =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! for the Tenor Sections of the world. I just wrote a whole long dialog and then went to preview it and now it's gone.... and it was good too. Basically, it said that Leslie (Woods) Knudsen, who is now our choir director, sent me a "special invitation" to sing with the choir again. It was very sweet... and she lets me sing TENOR (yes... still). When Neal Kennington isn't there for me to know what I should be singing, I sing with the Basses. However, we sang a few weeks ago in Sacrament Meeting and one of the Altos/2nd Saprano's suggested that perhaps I could sit over by the Sapranos and it wouldn't be so obvious that I was singing with the men, but Leslie was great and said that I was "just fine" where I was. It's not flirting (or obnoxious for that matter)it's simply finding joy in singing what has primarily been known as a Man's part in the choir. Gotta love a woman who knows what she likes to sing.... I'm glad that some of my girls have come to know that joy! Love, Mom

Michelle said...

I sometimes miss being a missionary too. When are you coming to visit me?? :)