Friday, October 03, 2008

Looky Here

Alright this happened a few weeks ago, but I just saw the picture and had to show what I picked up off the side of the road! Kennedy found it, I can always count on my girls and their "eagle eyes" to find such creatures. It was SO BIG I had to show Justin. When neither of the girls would pick up the grasshopper I did. No gloves or anything!

Poor little guy had a few broken legs and died of natural causes shortly there after. But isn't he pretty?!

PS while we're on the subject Holly (the bird) died. Last night Justin got her out to let the kids hold her and she had a heart attack! Can you believe it? Poor little birdie. So we had an impromptu family home evening on death and how we get to go live with Heavenly Father. Farewell Holly.


Idaho Pascoes said...

Love your hair in this picture! Did you do something with the coloring - highlights/lowlights it looks soooo good!

I'm a little curious, what exactly are "natural causes" for grasshopper death? I'm thinking maybe you bird didn't really die from a heartattack but from choking on the grasshopper it was eating. =)

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

I told you that that bird would need therapy...apparently the kind where they administer a little electric shock.

Kids and wild animals don't mix - they're too closely related.

CuriousGeorges said...

I am so glad you clarified Holly (the bird). Although you always wonder how other will react when you die...

Poor Holly the bird, she was such a pretty bird :)

kelly said...

Wow, that's a big one!