Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Temple

Here we are again at the temple. We love the temple! Kennedy LOVES going to the temple! Hopefully she'll keep that up. Our favorite Sister Norton rode with me, Kennedy and Grayson. She watched the 2 while I went to a session. Then it was her turn. We love, love, love you Sister Norton!

Here's Grayson sportin' his bib that says, "yes, I am a little brother and I OBVIOUSLY have older sisters". Okay it really says "Daddy's little girl". If Grayson grows up to be a mama's boy we will all know why.

We were having a little picnic while Sister Norton was in the temple.

How peaceful it is even outside the temple. No wonder my kids enjoy going!


Millers! said...

you are so good about going to the temple... maybe if we could find someone to sit and watch the kids while we go in and do a session, that would be awesome... one day we will be back on a regular schedule!

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Oh, what a pretty baby girl you have...why is she wearing a tie? HAHA When we were going through photos we found TONS of Jordan playing "princess" with Sierra. He was in tears, as was his mother (however mine were from laughter). PRICELESS!

Dan and Janay said...

Wow, your kids are growing to FAST!!! I don't even recognize Grayson.

I love the Temple!


Roger said...

It wasn't a virus, it was something with the computers driver skipping something so that it wouldn't turn on. BLAST THE STUPID THING!!! Thanks for telling me to do the blog thing so at least I have some photos left :)

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Oops, that was me, not Roger :)

Underwood's in Cali said...

Hey is that the shirt I got him? cute kids. I am getting excited for dland in sept!!