Monday, December 25, 2006


So many Grandparents, Kennedy didn't know what to do with herself as she got to see all of her Grandparents in the same week. And what made it more exciting is they all came baring gifts!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Pollock cam Thursday and took us out to lunch at Las Palmas and it was tasty.

(L to R) Great Grandma Barbara, Grandma & Grandpa Heredia. Got to play with them at the Gage family reunion. They made sure Kennedy didn't run out the door!

Great Grandpa Ben, cousin Elle and MacKenzie. One lucky grandpa with soo many beautiful babies!

Grandpa & Grandma Phillips with sour faced Kennedy. She was even worse when they left. She thought she was going home with them and was pretty upset when she realized they were leaving without her.


Anonymous said...

such a grumpy face on Kennedy, you think that she would be so happy with grandma and grandpa! Oh well, maybe next time! hahaha, hope you had a great Christmas, ours was fun this year with Isaac and Chase in all the presents! we just missed our family being around! Lesa

The Adams Family said...

These are all such great pics! Merry belated Christmas!

The Adams Family