Friday, January 05, 2007

Our Trip

The day after Christmas I got a call from Dad and Pennie asking if I wanted to go with them to Portland to pick up Scuffy (her dog) and then on to Idaho to see my sister Khristie. Obviously I wanted to go and asked when they were leaving. "When you get here and we pack you in the car." So off the kids and I went and left Justin at home to work and sleep, don't feel too bad. Justin had plenty of dinner offers and he took them up on it.

Here are Khristie, Dad and I in Meridian, Idaho! She is working as a dental assistant and I'm sure the dentists are not used to such an outspoken assistant.... that's why they keep her around! =)

Can you see how sad Kennedy is to have a new doggy friend? She thought it was the funniest thing to stick her face in Scuffy's until she got a doggy lick!

While on the road we decided to swing on down to Utah and visit my other sister Rebecca in Eagle Mountain. Here are the only girls of the 1st cousins. The 7 boys were running around playing. Sierra, Kennedy and MacKenzie

As we got closer to Utah I made a phone call to Rebecca and found out Julia was visiting also. So here we are Rebecca, me and Julia.

On the way to Portland and then on the way home Kennedy decided to throw up all over the place. She sticks her fingers down her throat and then lets me clean up what's left over from the gagging. YUCKY!!! Anyone want some hot dog? Lucky for us we were near a truck stop and they had some Lysol, but man... gross!!!!


Anonymous said...

GIRL, you look so good for having a what, 6 month old? goodness gracious, I wish! I got awful Genes! Your pictures are so fun, and Scuss scuss I miss her so much, she looks so good, just havent got back from the groomer! Which one is Julia and which one is Rebecca? I thought I was told one was heavy? maybe not... all you sisters look good! Well thanks for the pics, I keep looking at them, Doug is like, did you already look? and I said, yeah, cant I look again? hahaha
take care

The Adams Family said...

How fun! I love spontaneous road trips, except for the vomit part ;-) What a CUTE dog!!! She would LOVE our little Yorkie, Giorgio. And he'd LOVE her.

Anonymous said...

You are still Sister Phillips to us, but you have your own darling family now. We remember your great talent on the Organ and wonder if you still get to play. We know the Whitt's really thought the world of you and for good reason. We are so very happy for you and we are sure that you are a really great Mom and wife. We are really happy for you!

Thanks for updating all of us.

Br.& Sis. Zundel [Brown & Yvonne]