Monday, May 28, 2012


Took the kids up to the lake today.  Justin almost talked me into stopping at Silverwood Lake, but I really wanted to see Arrowhead.  So glad we kept going.  What a great place!  Super cute town with tons of tourist-y shops right next to the lake.  My mother in-law would die of happiness.

Baby ducks.

Even Tick was invited on the family outing.
(Bruce, that was a live band back to left.  
They were playin' your tunes.)

Tick couldn't help himself.  He HAD to get a duck.  Justin called him back before he swam far enough, but I think it was for show.  If there weren't other people around I'm pretty sure we would've had smoked duck for dinner.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Parker's got it.  Clearly his hands, feet and mouth are not suffering.  Thanks Parker for that blue jello all over the floor though.  Your siblings had fun cleaning that up for ya.  Ha, ha... slaves.

Note to other moms, trying every remedy imaginable on your baby's "diaper rash/yeast infection", it's NOT a diaper rash!  Apparently it's a virus.  When you're tired of nothing working and feel like your baby will die with the chicken pox, give up.  Use absolutely nothing and the rash starts to go away.  Weird.

*And if you post on facebook that your kid has a super contagious virus , that counts as getting a sub for primary chorister right?  I heard myself say, "Just post it on facebook and when you're absent in church someone will figure it out."  So that's what I did.  Justin calls it irresponsible.  I call it I don't care.  Probably the same thing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Who's watching the kids?

I went on a jog this morning.  It was so nice to be awake and ready to exercise  while everyone was asleep.   Everyone except Justin.  I couldn't find him, but saw his car outside so I left...

A mile into my walk I realized JUSTIN WENT HUNTING THIS MORNING!  Of course his car was in the driveway, his buddy picked him up.  Almost nothing else in the world can get him out of bed that early on a day off.  And then all I could hear in my mind was Parker crying in his crib and Kennedy frantically looking for her mother wondering why neither parent was home.  

Came home and Kennedy had Parker on my bed playing with ipods happily.  No crying and I'm pretty sure no one cared I was absent.  I explained what happened to Kennedy to which she responded, "Yeah, I'm totally old enough to babysit.  You should let me babysit more often."

Friday, May 18, 2012


A few more t-ball games left and the girls are having so much fun.  I don't know why I even signed them up, I'm not a fan of baseball, but I feel like the kids should know how to play.  Anyway they were able to play AGAINST their friend Robert and loved that.  Probably the highlight of the season.

I should take a pic of MacKenzie when she's out in the field.  She rolls down her socks '80's style and turns her pants into shorts, "because it's SO HOT!"  That's my girl.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Etna, CA

Here's a little snippet of where we're moving.  Isn't it pretty?  We drove up last week for a visit and to check out the town.  We want to live in this beautiful farming valley with TONS of... deer.  The kids were in heaven our entire trip especially Kennedy every time we saw a deer, which was often.

We stayed with our friends the Bahen's who are fantastic.  They feel like cousins!  He and Justin grew up together in Taft and the Pollock's and Bahen's had family adventures together back then.  Sounds like we might make that 2 generations of Pollock's and Bahen's because our kids LOVED each other.  

So we kayaked down this river, two mom's and two 7 year olds, one boat.  Super fun.  On our float we saw bald eagles, never seen them outside a zoo, a mama goose with her goslings swimming after her, other birds and a herd of cattle in the water!  Awesome.  Can't wait to move.