Monday, May 28, 2012


Took the kids up to the lake today.  Justin almost talked me into stopping at Silverwood Lake, but I really wanted to see Arrowhead.  So glad we kept going.  What a great place!  Super cute town with tons of tourist-y shops right next to the lake.  My mother in-law would die of happiness.

Baby ducks.

Even Tick was invited on the family outing.
(Bruce, that was a live band back to left.  
They were playin' your tunes.)

Tick couldn't help himself.  He HAD to get a duck.  Justin called him back before he swam far enough, but I think it was for show.  If there weren't other people around I'm pretty sure we would've had smoked duck for dinner.

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Unknown said...

How did Tick do in the car? Since he's not dead I assume that means he did okay. Zeus almost drowned 3 times chasing a goose out in the river, stupid dog got pulled out into the rapids. Lucky for Tick, Justin actually works with him; we ( and by "we" I mean Bob) were too lazy. Or Zeus was too dumb. What a nice day-cation!