Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What we do in the sticks

There's a lot of enjoying the outdoors.

The kids play through the fence with the neighbors.

While going into church we stop and watch the deer. 

Note to renters: ask if there's air conditioning in the home you rent.  Seriously?  Why would I even think to ask?  We have no a/c which is fine most of the time, but not when it's freakishly hot.  I couldn't handle it any more and took off to Crescent City.  It's cold there.  It's kind of a ghetto too, but just outside of the city are some great camping spots.  Definitely will do camping next time.  For like 2 weeks.

Who doesn't need to see giant Paul Bunyan and Babe statues?  Paul even talks to you.  He knows Parker by name.  Awesome.

The kids loved eating at the Redwood Tree Restaurant.  And yes that's Parker with a jacket and diaper, no pants.  When I'm doing things on my own (Justin doesn't actually transfer until October, so I'm a single mom right now) anything goes.   If you're happy, I'm happy whether you've got pants on or not.

MacKenzie at least has her hands not on Babe's privates.  Why are they the lowest part of this animal.  It's all the kids wanted to touch.

I was too chicken to drive through this tree.  My car is a hair WIDER than this one here.  I was happy watching someone else do it.  This lady couldn't handle it either.  

The kids are learning to ride the neighbor's horses!  We worked a trade, horse back riding to my kids and I'm teaching hers piano.  Sweet.  I told my friend how much I love her animals.  They don't bother me, I don't have to feed them and yet the kids get to play like they're ours.  

In Victorville Grayson always stuck out like a sore thumb, an awesome sore thumb.  
Up here it's normal.  

Deer everywhere!  I had to pull over and take this on my way home from WalMart.  There were 3 bucks and a doe.  I've got a friend feeding her neighborhood deer apples right now.  In her words, "and then I'll murder them and they're gonna taste SO much better".  Awesome.  
She invited Kennedy to come shoot too;)


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Holy freak your friend sounds awesome! And so does where you live. Dang Im jealous!

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I really wanna visit you!

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