Tuesday, August 07, 2012

State of Jefferson

Have you ever heard of the "State of Jefferson"?  Me neither, but apparently we moved right into the heart of it.  I should learn more about it... later.  For now I thought I'd delight you with a few pics.  If you squint real hard you can see our neighbor down the street playing bb in his black socks and water shoes.  

Here's the over grown bushes of our new front yard.  I actually LOVE the Christmas tree though.  

Once you get past the bush front there's a nice spot in the front yard.  

The side of brownness and the barn.  Straight back from the barn for another full acre is the rest of the property.  Everyone helping us move in kept looking for our horses.  uhh...

Back porch deck.

Down passed the black socks neighbor and around the corner are these cute things.  I enjoy seeing other peoples animals.  And those mountains are AMAZING.  In love.

But probably not as much in love as this girl.  On fire for 8 days straight now.  The kids are SO happy up here.  Parker is out in the road and in the yard all day.  MacKenzie was in "the back 40" this evening just checking things out.  She's in heaven being able to wander where ever she wants and it's totally okay.  Grayson can't get enough wardrobe changes in a day. Each time the clothing must fit the new activity.

And my favorite part is my new friends and my neighbors.  There's a young family next door with 2 girls that we love.  In fact they watched all the kids this morning while I ran to town for a while.  I've never had next door neighbors... who can handle all my kids.  I'm feeling like we're super lucky to live on this street and in this town.

OH, and when we moved in they let us know that NOBODY locks their cars.  Ever.  At church on Sunday I was given an exception to that rule, zucchini season.  If you don't lock your car this time of year, you'll find it full of veggies.  Better have my camera ready for that.  Bring it on.


Kiahna Williams said...

Love it! LOL zucchini season. :)

g jenner said...

Hi! Saw your post about the State of Jefferson.....YES, you are in the heart of it

I have coauthored 3 books (and am writing a fourth) on the State of Jefferson! If you have questions, email me: gail@gailjenner.com or check out my website: www.gailjenner.com.

The books I've written are available locally. They include:
IMAGES OF THE STATE OF JEFFERSON, by Arcadia Publishing; THE STATE OF JEFFERSON: THEN & NOW, by Arcadia; HISTORIC INNS & EATERIES IN THE STATE OF JEFFERSON, by Old American Publishing; and coming in 2013 - POSTCARDS FROM THE STATE OF JEFFERSON, by Arcadia Publishing. I also write a blog about the State of Jefferson and write for JEFFERSON BACKROADS and JPR's "As It Was" series, an historical series on events and anecdotes from all over the State of Jefferson!

Gail Jenner

I'm also the President of Siskiyou County CattleWomen and am married to a fourth generation cattle rancher in Scott Valley.

Welcome! :-)

g jenner said...

P.S. Where did you move here from?