Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kennedy's targets this week

So I thought maybe it might have been beginners luck last week when she did so well shooting. Nothing to do with luck here... just a still, focused 6 year old! The gun club guy scoring her targets tonight took a look at her shots and said, "Wow. Every single shot was worth points." Her teacher made sure she would be back again next week. I am SO excited for her!

And last week the kids swept up a few of the neighbors leaves to play in.
While playing in leaves it's critical you have the proper eyewear.
Where does Grayson come up with these things? Hilarious!


Bob & Khristie said...

Wait just a minute - I remember a certain little sister that wore a swimming cap & a snorkle mask while riding shotgun THE ENTIRE WAY TO GIRLS CAMP!!

I won't mention any names but her initials are Elizabeth Phillips-Pollock. The apple doesn't fall far from that crazy tree! =)

Amanda said...

way to go! she did a great job shooting!