Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 8 years of marital bliss!

I keep forgetting it's our anniversary today. I'm glad you put this on FB Rebecca, because I have zero digital wedding pics. What a good looking bunch we are!

To celebrate, Justin worked and I somewhat cleaned the garage. But I'd like to think I bought him a 3/4 ton hunka love.

Is it selfish to NOT share your car with your husband? He kept putting his smelly dogs in my car to go hunting. Then he'd bring it back empty and filthy. When he found this red thing I said yes please! I'm pretty sure I'm the best wife ever... again.

Last time I won the title of "best wife", I got a trip to visit my sister for a week by myself. This time I was told I can go anywhere I want. We'll see. Either way, Parker takes a bottle.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Put it on the record: the first time EVER that I've agreed with Justin - that thing is awesome! I would love delivering in that!! (minus the 2 miles per gallon mileage)

Tori said...

Happy Anniversary... btw that little girl standing next to you looks EXACTLY like MacKenzie =)

Millers! said...

you are the best wife.. you must make a TON of money to have 3 cars. LOL! just kidding:) glad you got your car back all to yourself! happy Anniversary!

K&MSilva said...

Happy late anniversary! And that's a really nice looking truck. Looks like it's in good shape. So I think for your trip, Australia sounds good! You can pick me up on the way :)