Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bedazzled Backpack

Grandma Pennie took MacKenzie for a day to help get her ready for kindergarten. They went out to lunch, shopping and got their nails done. You know, the important stuff. MacKenzie was ready to move to Fresno after such a fun "best day of my life". She even got a sparkle pink back pack! We thought it might need a little some'n special...

And a little bedazzle never hurt anyone. That thing is screamin' MacKenzie now. Watch out kindergarten!

She and I talked about Grandma Pennie while we were there. I told her when Grandma goes to work she's the boss and everyone has to listen to her. MacKenzie responded, "Well when I go to school, I'm gonna be the boss of ALL the other kids."

You do that sister. Can't wait.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Poor teacher. She has no idea that she's getting an aide instead of a student.

Millers! said...

Lol. that is hilarious! looks like your girls must be my moms favs. she never did that with my kids:) Oh she will be the hit of that kindergarten class!!!! cant wait to hear about her first day!