Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy girl toquito/enchilada meat filling

A chub of this:

Some generous shakes of this:

2 cans of this:

And what, 5 minutes of my time? I think I heard angles singing. Maybe we could call it high class ghetto meat? Either way it's delicious and fast. (and I almost ate all the meat myself) Where were these ideas 8 years ago when all I could make was Easy Mac?!

PS. While stealing the roast beef image I found it's also good for this here.


me said...

hey, I love using hamburger meat with the good 'ol roast beef can with some onions, salt, pepper and cumin, de-freakin'-lish! Don't hate on good easy cooking lady, it is what all mom's are about ;)

Kiahna Williams said...

SOunds yummy to me!