Friday, May 13, 2011

What we do in the front yard

A little eye poking.

A little sleeping.

A little pop drinkin'. Our kids had never seen soda in a bottle. I remember drinking Sprite in a bottle at my great grandma's house when I was little. When I saw these in Wal Mart I had to buy some just for the memories they brought. The girls couldn't believe they used to fill the bottles back up. I don't think I explained the concept too well because they got up the next morning disappointed their bottles were empty. MacKenzie asked if the soda man forgot to come. Blast that soda man!

A little training. Kennedy's puppy learning to point at a duck wing and I think he's got it. I know this just is a pic, but I swear that dog didn't move for 20 minutes! Not even that little foot up in the air. You couldn't pay me to do that. (Someone can't wait to take him bird hunting in the fall.)

Our neighbors must roll their eyes every time we open the front door. Between the kids running wild in the street and Justin chopping off duck heads you'd think we were white trash livin' in the front yard... well, you are what you are I guess.


Jayna Rae said...

Cute post. Love the eye poking. Why do kids love to poke eyes so much? Don't worry about what people think, it is the desert after all. There is much strager stuff going on in some front yards. You are just having family fun.

older and wisor said...

At least nobody is naked. Yet.

(and it was 7-Up....I was so proud the first time I could actually finish drinking the whole thing!)

Stefanie Panhuyzen said...

You are so funny! Way cute kids!