Friday, May 27, 2011

All about Parker

How sweet is this? I had to get a pic of the explosion going up the front! I think we've been saving money on wipes. No amount of wipiness can clean this boy up.

The girls really do help out a lot. They love to carry Parker around, but they also get bored with him. Here's what I found the other day when MacKenzie was done "babysitting". I don't think it's fair that he didn't even whimper. If I would've left him on the couch like that he would have been hysterical.

And look at this cute little face! If you look really close you can see his grandpa ears complete with wild, out of control ear hair. My poor kids. The only thing they'll inherit from me is acne and hair where you don't need it. I'm pretty sure I could grow a beard before my husband.

Oh, I almost forgot! Parker's 2 months stats:
14lbs 6oz
24" long
Not a fan of shots:(


SAS said...

Love the pics! He is changing so much. I need to visit!!! I want to see your kids, it's been too long!

kelly said...

My daughter had the hair on her ears just like that. She still has some down the back of her neck, all the way to her back and somewhat of a unibrow. She gets it from her Aunt Marcia. He's a cutie, ear hair and all.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

The ear hair will go away. Jordan had it and now? Nothing. I can't believe how serious his little face is - so scrumptious.

K&MSilva said...

OMG, your baby is growing so fast. He's almost as big as Jake & Jake has 4 months on him! That face reminds me so much of Uncle Ben, lol, I love it!