Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Aunt Khristie,

The kids LOVE their sleeping masks you made them! Nothing funnier than checking on the kids in the morning to find Kennedy still sleeping... with her mask on;)

My sister Khristie spent a few days with us before Parker was born and I was exhausted just thinking about all the activities she had lined up! Of course my kids were livin' it up. They still talk about our trip to visit her 2 years ago like it was yesterday. So that leads me to the conclusion... she needs to live closer. A lot closer!

For example, things I miss about my sister, she (and Rebecca) are some of the only people I know that wouldn't be embarrassed to go out in public with orphans like this:

Those kids of mine can work it too. In fact we made a shopping trip to Win Co with just such "face painting" on everyone including myself. We live in Victorville who cares. Everyone else here dresses in pajamas and house slippers to go out on the town. A little makeup like this may even be classy for here.

In the pic on top, the other kid on the far left is Brian. He's the cutest and her nephew who she now has legal guardianship over. He's given up calling her Aunt Khristie and just calls her "Mama" with the sweetest little boy voice you ever heard. MacKenzie's thoughts about Brian: "we're not
really related so we could get married when we're big." That's my girl. Always planning a wedding.


K&MSilva said...

Those blindfolds are super cute. I need to find me an Aunt Khristie. And I was gonna tell you, Mario's friend just had a boy a couple weeks ago & they named him cute!

kelly said...

That's cute! My sister just got married and my other sister came with her daughter who fell in love with Micah, my oldest. My kids said they couldn't get married like she wanted but she quickly discovered that because her mom is my step-sister she is not actually related. Girls...

The Allen Family said...

They are sooo cute!