Sunday, March 27, 2011

This hunting nonsense just went too far... get outta my craft room!

I love my husband, but this is an all time low. I went to my craft/sewing room in the garage today and found this:

What the? Who the? Okay so let's not get carried away, this room is never really in a state of organization, but there was no straw, feathers, cd's, paper and other miscellaneous things on the floor earlier this week! It's like he let all these birds loose to do what they want with my stuff. Oh I was mad. Not to mention 40 weeks + 1 day pregnant!!!

I was fine with the chicken coop of quail... it's in the BACKYARD. But 4 chuckar and 2 pheasants in that kennel in my sewing room?
MY room?! Outside Justin, outside. Why are these guys getting the 5 star treatment they're just gonna get shot.

He got them to go shooting with our brother in-law tomorrow morning, which I am also fine with. We can eat them for lunch. My problem is I hate animals, I'm allergic to feathers, I'm grouchy and after sweeping and vacuuming this up today I'm still not in labor. Dang it!


Rachel said...

You are a very patient woman. Wow.

And hopefully you'll go into labor tonight! Thinking good labor-y thoughts for you. :-)

Jayna Rae said...

AWFUL! Simply awful! I am not even allergic to feathers and the photos have my allergies acting up.

Swinky Binky said...

I'd be saying a whole lot more than dangit! Oh the choice choice words I'd have streaming from my mouth!!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Looks like someones gonna have to leave that garage door open while some birds *magically* figure out how to open their cage and run'll be a festivus miracle.

On a happier note, it looks like you have the stuffings for a baby quilt that you should have plenty of time to finish!