Monday, February 07, 2011

Repurposing the Spiderman sunglasses

We were out the door to a baptism Saturday night and Grayson came running down the hall with a few accessories. In our house we teach self reliance, so when I wouldn't help him find the lenses he popped out for the 100th time, he got creative all on his own and popped the other out as well. It was a win/win. He was now able to see great even in the evening.

And let me tell you, he worked those glasses (and his credit card) the whole night! My kids may look like Pollock's, but there's no taking that "Phillips Girl" outta them.

And if you look close you'll see his church shoes, complete with some stray tape from the morning's crafting. "Woody" boots. He loves them! They look much more manly than Benjamin's pink snow boots no? On the rare occasion (once a month) that we can't find both boots on Sunday morning, they're quickly replaced with the second favorite, frog boots. Nothing says reverence in sacrament like galoshes.

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Jayna Rae said...

Desmond pops out the lenses all the time too.